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Attention: If you're dreaming of having the perfect wedding, but don't think you have
the knowledge or time to plan it - or the cash to pay for it - then let me share with you…
A Remarkable Guide That Will Show You
Every Time-Tested, Cost-Cutting and
Sanity-Saving Technique

You Need to Plan and Enjoy

"And Surprisingly, It's Easier Than You Think!"

Whether simple or elaborate, your wedding day will be a breathtakingly beautiful occasion, one you will
remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. But the numerous steps leading up to it can be nearly overwhelming.  The decisions to make, the arrangements to coordinate, the families' feelings to consider - it's intimidating enough to make you want to elope!

But don't despair. "Wedding Planning Guide Book" takes the complication and confusion out of the planning process! It provides you with the information and advice you need to stay organized and on top of every detail, from popping the question to enjoying the honeymoon! It gives you valuable advice on proper wedding etiquette
This guide offers support and salvation for the busy couple who want their ceremony and reception to be perfect, but don't know where to begin. It shows you all the steps to take for proper wedding preparation, the same services wedding planners provide, for a fraction of the cost.

What you are about to learn is going to enable you to plan your dream wedding without going crazy - or going broke. It also gives you the type of information you won't find in a free wedding planner.

And You'll Both Live Happily Ever After!

Dear Soon To Be Married:

It finally happened! The magic question was popped and answered - with "Yes!" The two of you have taken the first exhilarating - yet frightening step toward marriage!

Isn't it a glorious thing to gaze into the eyes of the one you love, knowing you've just made the best decision of your life?

"To have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…" You've probably dreamed for years about hearing those wonderful words and standing up in front of family and friends with your soul mate to say "I Do."

Slowly, though, your euphoria about becoming engaged to your one true love starts to fade… just a bit… as the reality of your pending wedding starts to sink in. Inside your head, the lines of poetic wedding vows disappear as an ever increasing number of questions take their place:

* "When would be the best date to get married?"
* "Where should our wedding and reception be held?"
* "Who should we invite?"
* "What type of wedding gown do I want and where do I get it?"
* "Who should be in our wedding party?"
* "Do we want a traditional ceremony?"
* "Should we write our own vows?"
* "Should we have a theme?"
* "What about wedding decorations?"
* "What type of food should we have for the reception?"
* "Is it tacky to have a cash bar?"
* "Should we register somewhere?"
* "If we hire a D.J. can he also be our emcee?"
* "What song do we want played for our first dance as man and wife?"
* "Who will make our wedding cake?"
* "Where can we find a good photographer-and what about video?"
* "How much will everything cost?"
* "Can we plan all of this ourselves without losing our minds?"

And those are just a few of the questions you'll need to answer!
The good news is, the answer to the last question above is,  " YES! "   That's because everything you need to know about
Planning Your Dream Wedding Is Right At Your Fingertips…


Wedding Help Book
Wedding Preparation
"Wedding Planning Guide Book"

If planning a wedding were easy, there wouldn't be so many wedding planners, coordinators and consultants earning huge sums of money from couples like you! But wouldn't you rather save that money for your new beginning as man and wife?

Besides, you've already done the hardest part - finding the love of your life!

To Navigate the Complicated Journey Through The Ceremony and Reception, You Don't Need To Hire a Trail Guide -  All You Need Is a Great Map!

That's exactly what  "Wedding Planning Guide Book is… a "map" that shows you the best routes to take, the obstacles to avoid, and the shortcuts you can use to reach your ultimate destination - your dream wedding! Find out what wedding planners do for proper wedding preparartion, wedding etiquette, and why this guide is so much better than a free wedding planner.

So Do Yourselves a Big Favor - Make Your Wedding Planning Easy;
Save Yourself Time,Frustration and Money; And Have A Wonderful And Fun-Filled Wedding Day!

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